Drug for serious Psoriasis tops competition – A big relief for Psoriasis patients

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Do you know that the complete cure for psoriasis is not even available today also? Though doctors give treatment for psoriasis, it is limited to reducing the symptoms and discomfort caused by psoriasis and preventing the spreading of this disease to other areas. Do you know that more than 10 million people are suffering from psoriasis in European Countries only? The number of patients suffering from this disease in USA is close to seven and half million. So why researchers are not concentrating on this disease despite of exponential growth in the cases? Before knowing about the research and drugs available, it is important to know about the causes and preventive life style methods.

Drug for serious Psoriasis tops competition

Psoriasis – Reasons

  • Psoriasis follows strong hereditary i.e. if your parents are suffering from psoriasis, you are more prone to it. According to researches, if one of the your parent is suffering from psoriasis, the chances of getting psoriasis is 20% more and if both the parents are suffering from psoriasis, the rate increases to 70%.
  • People whose immune system is lost due to various reasons are more prone to this disease when compared to others. That’s the reason why psoriasis is commonly seen in AIDS and Cancer patients.
  • Modern lifestyle is also a contributing factor in the increase of psoriasis cases. Exposing to sun and pollution and unhealthy habits are increasing the psoriasis cases exponentially. That’s the reason why more teenagers and young adults are diagnosing positively with psoriasis.
  • Some medicines may trigger psoriasis. Beta blockers come first in this list and beware of side effects while using these medicines.

Lifestyle changes for Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis patients often complain that their skin dries easily. It is important to keep the red and patchy skin region moist so that the itching sensation will get decreased.
  • If you bather with hot water, there are chances of increase in skin burns. So prefer cold water for bathing.
  • Doctors usually recommend topical ointments for psoriasis patients. Whatever the reason may be, don’t skip the plan and regularly apply topical creams in the effected regions.
  • Exposing to UV-B Radiation helps in the treatment of Psoriasis. Remember that over exposure to sun can increase skin burning and this indirectly leads to increase in psoriasis.
  • Unhealthy habits like smoking cigars and drinking alcohol can lead to several health disorders. If you are suffering from psoriasis and have these habits, even god can’ save you.
  • Diet plays an important role in controlling any disease. Consult a professional nutritionist and take his help in preparing your diet chart.
  • Psoriasis patients are more prone to psychological disorders. Make sure you are not one of them and spend your time in recreational activities like playing your favorite games, watching movies etc.

Psoriasis Treatment

Based on the effected region, Psoriasis is categorized into three types. They are:

  • Mild Psoriasis: If the psoriasis affected region is less than 2% in the overall skin then it is considered as mild psoriasis.
  • Moderate Psoriasis: if the effected region is in the range of 3-10%, then it is considered as moderate psoriasis.
  • Severe psoriasis: if the total effected region is more than 10% of the overall skin area, then that condition is categorized as severe psoriasis.

Most of the times, doctors recommend topical creams for the patients who belong to first two stages. Based on the complexity involved doctors may prescribe light therapy in the third stage. Medical researchers of present generation are trying hard to cure psoriasis completely and the researches they are doing are resulting in positive results. Researches done on the use of biotech treatment for psoriasis patients resulted in extremely positive results and the evolution of Ustekinumab drug should also be considered under this category.

Ustekinumab – CNTO 1275

Ustekinumab is more popular in medical circles as CNTO 1275. This was the experimental name of the project which had shown extremely positive results. The study conducted for a long duration (72 weeks) showed remarkably positive results as most of the patients observed no itching sensation and in some cases, the red patches also decreased a lot.

Psoriasis is caused by the malfunction of certain T-cells. They attack the healthy skin cells and to compensate the loss, skin cells starts growing at a faster rate than normal. This result in red patchy areas and itching sensation will there. If the patient scratches, immense pain will be there. CNTO 1275 releases certain cytokines, which regulate the function of T-cells and reverses the whole cycle. This will decrease the psoriasis from root levels.

Development of Ustekinumab

The development of this drug dates back to 2007. In 2007, 5 NIH-listed research groups came up with positive results after using CNTO 1275 for psoriasis treatment. In the December 2007 itself, BLA was filed to FDA, USA. DODAC, a sub-group of FDA approved this in 2008 and this one got final approval by FDA, USA in 2009. After that, respective authorities from Canada and European Union also accepted this drug for psoriasis treatment. As of now, this drug is available in USA, EU and Canada regions and will be available in other parts soon.

Patients are generally given 45mg or 90mg doses based on the severity of the condition. Usually a month’s gap is preferred between first two doses and from then onwards, one dosage for three months is more than enough to keep the psoriasis in control. The dosage and frequency have to be constantly monitored by medical experts or else side effects will occur. Note that this method is more preferable in case of severe psoriasis only.

Side effects

Doctors are worried about the side effects because of use of biotech medicines. Some doctors expressed concerns over significant increase of tuberculosis and some are in the opinion that these medicines may lead to cancer. More researches need to be done on this and the doubts expressed by the doctors need to be cleared as soon as possible. This may surely give relief to several psoriasis patients who are suffering from this disease from long back.