Researchers used hot sauce for pain relief

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Medical Researchers testing the hot sauce for pain relief created storm in the media circles. Capsaicin is an active compound which can be found in every spicy item starting from peppers to chilies. According to USAToday, “Some doctors are trying to use highly purified version of Capsaicin in the knee replacement surgery. The medical volunteers were given anesthesia and sprayed Capsaicin before performing surgery.” Doctors took extreme care and used ultra-purified version of Capsaicin. If you try this at home, you scream in pain and there are chances of getting infection also. The main aim of this research is to check whether these hot sauces can tame the pain of surgery quickly or not? The primary results are positive and the doctors are hoping for much better results as the research progress.

The initial study is conducted on men for whom hernia repair surgeries are recommended. A total of 41 men were taken into consideration and most of them reported positively as per the report given by American Society of Anesthesiologists. As a pilot project, small amounts of Capsaicin are given to 50 knee replacement surgery patients and the dosage of morphine is decreased. Despite of less use of painkillers, they reported no pain and this gave a new boost to researchers. Even the experiments conducted on rats and dogs were giving positive results but in the opinion of medical experts more researches need to be conducted before recommending Capsaicin for public use.

Researchers used hot sauce for pain relief


But how doctors can use these spicy items for relieving pain? Just bite a chili and you will surely experience the burning sensation. Once the burning sensation subsides, your tongue will feel numb for some time. Even doctors are using the same concept. В The Capsaicin used during the surgery will make the nerves in the surgical area numb for some time. Thus the patients can recover with less use of pain killers. Dr. Eske revealed that this practice is not new as chili creams are part of aching muscle treatment from long back. The present generation doctors just improved the concept by concentrating on the pain causing cell systems only.

The usage of Capsaicin is not limited to surgeries and cancer treatments. Even the patients suffering from skin diseases like Psoriasis can also be benefitted from this project. Itching sensation is common in Psoriasis patients and with scratching, the infection increases. Though doctors recommend topical creams, they are not that much effective in all the cases. In the opinion of doctors, by giving a small dose of capsaicin, the itching sensation can be subsided and patients can recover quickly. Though all these experiments are in the initial stages, Psoriasis patients can benefit from these experiments for sure. Doctors usually try to reduce the itching sensation and red patches by prescribing some medicines but they are not effective in all Psoriasis patients. Medical personnel are hoping that with these researches, problems of the Psoriasis patients can be solved up to some extent.


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