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Anna MillerThis is a blog created by Anna Miller, a rheumatologist from Vancouver. The purpose of this blog is to spread information, which can make life easier for patients suffering from psoriasis, as well as for those who care for them.

Did you know that psoriasis is one of the most common diseases in the world? About 3% of the world population suffers from this disease. Psoriasis is equally often diagnosed in men and women. But sometimes doctors diagnose it in children as well.

But the main thing you need to remember is that psoriasis is not contagious! The cause of this disease has nothing to do with fungi or bacteria. This is the reaction of body’s immune system. There is no need to avoid or be afraid of people living with psoriasis – contacting them poses no threat to your health.

Unfortunately, psoriasis cannot be cured completely, which is why it is very important for people who suffer from this disease, their relatives, and everybody else to be informed about the methods and techniques of treatment, the results of the most recent studies of this disease and its control and prevention measures. It is very important to have at least basic knowledge of psoriasis and to understand its nature in order to timely react and minimize its manifestations and development if it occurs.

In case of emergency, contact our organization:

National Psoriasis Foundation https://www.psoriasis.org/

Tel : 1-800-723-9166

Psoriasis Association https://www.psoriasis-association.org.uk/

Tel : 01604 251 620

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