Psoriasis on the elbows

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Psoriasis is a serious pathology and its main feature is incurability. Therapy is always aimed at alleviating the symptoms and overall improvement of patient’s condition. One of the most common types of this disease is psoriasis on the elbows. Most often it reveals in people after 45-50 years of age regardless of gender. Much less often it reveals in young people and adolescents, while children almost don’t suffer from this type of disease at all.

elbow psoriasis photos

Signs of psoriasis on the elbows

The appearance of rashes in the form of red oval or round spots on elbow joints may indicate the development of the disease. During the course of psoriasis, the spots spread around the periphery, increase in size and merge with each other. In the early days of the pathology the rash is chaotic and sporadic but without proper attention to the treatment the rash quickly spreads and affects large areas of the skin.

Plaque is characterized by the presence of whitish or grayish scales. They easily peel off under mechanical impact and underneath you can observe a phenomenon  called “terminal film” – a smooth red surface of the skin which causes minor bleeding (blood dew) when removed.

There are cases when psoriatic spots appeared without scales. Patients complained of rash outlined by a red border. The appearance of spots is always accompanied by severe itching, discomfort, and swelling of the skin. In affected areas the skin is hot, painful and easily injured.

Psoriasis on the elbow can affect small areas and, on the contrary, affect fairly large areas, extending to the inside surface of the arms. If proper treatment is absent or pathology is aggravated by any other factors, psoriasis can progress into a long-standing form. Treatment of psoriasis on the elbows at this stage is quite difficult and requires an integrated approach.

Why does psoriasis appear

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The causes of psoriasis on the elbows are still not clearly revealed. The mechanism of the disease is very complex and scientists have not been able to come to a single point of view. However, there are several theories suggesting possible causes of the disease. Based on these theories, we can identify the following factors that provoke the disease:

  • Medical statistics show that more than 60% of the patients suffering from psoriasis have relatives with the same diagnosis.
  • Reduction of the natural protection of body. There are a number of factors that can reduce immunity. These include wrong diet, various infectious diseases, and improper intake of some medications.
  • Another common cause of the development of pathology is mechanical damage of the skin.
  • Stress also plays an important role. Excessive emotional stress can also provoke the disease.
  • Violation of the hormonal balance. It is caused by malfunctions in the work of the endocrine system.
  • Problems with lipid metabolism in the body.

Basic principles of treatment

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If pathology occurs, the patient should prepare oneself for long-term and complex treatment. This is the only way to achieve the desired results and get rid of the disease in a long-term perspective. The main methods of treatment are:

  • the use of remedies for local application;
  • vitamin therapy;
  • correction of nutrition;
  • light therapy;
  • traditional herbs for psoriasis on the elbows.

Ointments used in psoriasis are divided into hormonal, non-hormonal drugs, as well as medicine for psoriasis on the elbows containing vitamin D3.