Psoriasis around eyes

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Psoriasis around eyes is a rare form of this disease. The pathological process can affect the skin of the eyelids, the area around the eyes and under the eyebrows, as well as the eyeball, conjunctiva and iris (psoriatic arthritis eyes). The absence of treatment can lead to the most dangerous consequences – up to the loss of vision.

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Psoriasis in the eye area not only provokes unpleasant external symptoms but also causes discomfort associated with constant burning and itching. This pathology is rare – one of ten people suffering from psoriasis. This form of the disease usually has a disappointing prognosis and is difficult to treat.

Provoking factors may include:

  • severe nervous shock;
  • Autoimmune processes;
  • disorders of endocrine glands;
  • hormonal disorders (in women);
  • eye trauma;
  • penetration of poisons and toxins into the eyes adversely affecting the conjunctiva;
  • genetic factor.

Many people have psoriasis localized on the hands and feet, back, abdomen, less often – on the scalp. And quite rarely it can be seen around the eyes. The disease is insidious for two reasons: firstly, it develops very quickly (sometimes it takes several hours), and, secondly, the pathological process can develop not only on the skin around the eyes, but it can also penetrate into the choriod, causing irreparable harm to the eyeball.

Most often, the affection begins on the eyelid – lower or upper eyelids. Skin covers in these places turn red, start to swell and peel. This process is usually accompanied by itching, burning and painful sensations. The pain can be acute, since the skin in the eyelid area is very thin.

If the pathology has penetrated into the conjunctiva, the eyeball turns red, tears and pains appear in the eyes. Many patients often bring inflammation in the eyes themselves, combing the skin of eyelids or touching it with unwashed hands.

If the disease has occurred in a woman, it is necessary to quit using any decorative cosmetics, so as not to aggravate the course of pathology.

Treatment of psoriasis around the eyes

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This is a long and complicated process. The disease must be treated in a comprehensive manner – in this case the process of recovery may take a few months. Prior to ordering a course of therapy, the specialist takes into account the degree of pathology and patient’s health condition.

Drug therapy. As a form of conservative treatment, a specialist can prescribe steroid ointments and preparations with vitamin D. There is no need to apply these remedies on conjunctiva – only the affected skin needs to be treated. It is also important not to use these means excessively, as the remedies with hormones often become the reason of various side-effects and complications – for example, glaucoma. Antihistamines and immunomodulating agents are prescribed optionally.

Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy increases the effect of medications. Psoriasis under eyes can be treated with the help of weak ultraviolet radiation, provided that a small surface of the skin is affected – otherwise this method is fraught with vision impairment and disturbances in the process of skin regeneration.

It is possible to use laser. Laser beams selectively burn psoriasis lesions without affecting healthy tissues. But with extensive skin lesions, this method might leave visible scars.

Psychological methods. If the area of ​​skin lesions is relatively small, psoriasis in the eye area is treatable. But if you don’t seek for instant help from specialist and if pathological process begins, it is impossible to completely eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

The disturbances of this pathology start not in the skin itself, but in small vessels – capillaries. Traumatization of their tissues leads to cell death. If the disease progresses, its consequences may be even worse, up to eye problems and septic skin lesions.

Considering these possible complications, some methods of psychological help were developed – they are aimed at preparing and adapting a person suffering from psoriasis to normal life in society. Most psychologists are familiar with this practice. According to feedbacks, psychological support helps many patients overcome the discomfort associated with the presence of psoriatic rashes on the face and eyes.

Alternative treatment. Currently, there are some non-standard methods used to treat psoriasis. For example, hydrotherapy. This method of treatment is very popular at thermal resorts.


psoriasis around the eyes

Uvitis and iritis are the complications which develop most often.

Uvitis is an inflammatory process that affects the vessels of the eye. Inflammation can spread across the entire eyeball – both from the outside and from the inside. The symptomatology of the disease is pronounced:

  • hyperemia of the eyeball as a result of injury and rupture of small vessels of the eyes;
  • photophobia;
  • lacrimation;
  • deterioration of visual acuity;
  • fog in front of the eyes;
  • film on the eyeball;
  • burning and pain in the eyes.

Psoriasis complicated by uevitis requires treatment involving help from both dermatologist and oculist. Treatment should be comprehensive, with the use of steroid drugs.

Iritis is a complication of uivitis – the inflammatory process which begins to affect the iris of the eye. Symptoms of iritis:

  • darkening of the iris color;
  • the pupil does not react to light;
  • sharp pain in the eyes;
  • softness of the eyeball during palpation.

The treatment of iritis should be carried out simultaneously with the treatment of the cause of the pathology – psoriasis. The lack of timely help can lead to loss of vision.

Features of skin care in psoriatic eye manifestations

eye psoriasis

The use of decorative cosmetics on inflamed skin reduces the speed of recovery and regeneration of the skin, therefore reducing all therapeutic efforts. Cosmetics prevent normal breathing of the skin, which means it has a negative effect on metabolism and cell repair, which is why the damaged dermis heals extremely poor.

Skin care should be neat. The face and eye area need not be toweled after washing – you should wait until the moisture evaporates from the skin surface naturally. You shouldn’t touch the face and eye area with dirty hands – this is exactly the reason that many patients put inflammation on the eyeball conjunctiva.

It is also important to protect the skin and eyes affected by the disease from weathering, frost, sweat and direct sunlight. Psoriasis and dry eyes is another disturbing problem. In order to protect them against overdrying, you should regularly apply neutral moisturizers prescribed by your doctor.