Psoriasis on knees – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Localization of psoriatic rashes on the knees is equally common in adults and children. It can appear in the period of exacerbation or take the form of plaques. Psoriasis on the knees is often complicated by cracks and secondary infections. This is due to the close contact of the skin with clothes and due to scratching.

Psoriasis on knees


Psoriasis in the knee area may appear as a single lesion, but more often the rashes are symmetrical on both legs.

The condition develops in stages. First there is itching, then the skin becomes dry and rough. Gradually there are small nodules. They can be from pink to red. In the future, these papules change:

  • increase to the size of the average drop;
  • covered with dirty white films in the form of scales;
  • reach the size of the coin;
  • merge into extensive lesions.

On the knees there are lesions the size of the palm. They are rounded with clear boundaries, but sometimes they can be in the form of fancy shapes.

In norm, without accompanying infections, plaques do not cause pain. Symptomatics in the acute period is manifested by painful itching, a feeling of tightening the skin and peeling.

With psoriasis on your knees, you can not perform garden and other work on all fours. Squeezing disrupts blood circulation and trophism.


Treatment of psoriasis on the knees

This condition requires therapy both during the inpatient period and during remission.

In the progressing stage, immunomodulators, hormones and vitamins are prescribed. In aggressive course, with inflammation of the joints, use cytostatics.

In a hospital, plasmapheresis and UFO blood are practiced. External treatment can be done independently.

Treatments for knee psoriasis can be prepared at home. With itching, it helps to use ointments on the basis of tar and solidol. The substances are mixed with any fat in the proportion of 1 to 1 and are applied in a layer. The course of treatment is not less than 7 days.

Psoriasis on the knees is a contraindication to sports, injuries can provoke an aggravation of the process.

Salt bath is helpful for softening the skin and relief of inflammation. The solution is prepared from a glass of salt per liter of water. The procedures are repeated every other day for 30 minutes, the course is one month. In addition, you must follow a diet and take regular sessions of physiotherapy.