Perianal psoriasis pictures

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Perianal psoriasis pictures

Exudative Psoriasis

Exudative psoriasis, as a rule, develops in patients with systemic diseases, specifically, obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism. It is characterized by the development of inflammation in the affected area.

Scales of dirty-yellow color appear on the affected skin. The removal of these scales exposes the wounded area. This form of the disease is accompanied by leukocyte infiltration, inflammation and changes in blood composition.

Atypical Psoriasis

It differs from the other forms by its localization which not on the extensor surfaces of the limbs and the scalp (typical of the disease), but on the flexion areas of the joints and the skin folds of the body (atypical localization).

As a rule, atypical psoriasis progresses in a more severe form and is fraught with complications. Cases of the generalized form of the disease are common.