Stasis Papillomatosis

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Most of the times, we ignore papules even though they cause some discomfort. Do you know that papules are common symptoms for several deadly diseases? Papules can be of any size (up to 1cms) and they may appear as a cluster on any part of the skin. Whatever the size may be, it is better to consult the doctor immediately as the rare medical conditions likes Stasis papillomatosis can also be the reason for sudden growth if papules on your skin. This is a rare condition which occurs because of obstructed blood flow to some body parts. This leads to congestion of blood in some other parts and triggers several other infections. This can be fatal also if not treated in time.


Causes of Stasis Papillomatosis

Though the exact reasons for the occurrence of Stasis papillomatosis are unknown, several medical experts came up with their own set of reasons.

  • Excess weight leading to lymphatic disturbances can lead to this disorder. Hands, legs and toes are more prone in these cases.
  • Some doctors opined that the rapidly changing environment is also increasing the number of Stasis Papillomatosis cases.
  • Age can also be a significant factor, in the opinion of some doctors with age; the blood carrying capacity of veins decreases and that’s the reason why this disorder is common in elder people.
  • Insufficient lymphatic drainage is considered as the significant reason for this disorder. The blockage will trigger the production of fibroblasts and this increases intravascular tissue protein. The fibroblasts result in rapid increase of mast cells and this result in non-pitting edema. This may even result in secondary infections also.

Complications of Stasis Papillomatosis

Stasis papillomatosis can trigger some bacterial, fungal infections also. Dilated superficial or varicose veins can also cause further problems if they were not treated in time. Chronic venous edema is not completely reversible. This may force to lymphedema and the skin changes took place are hard to reverse.  Lymphedema patients face difficulties in doing their daily activities also and this causes depression and psychological troubles.

Changes in lifestyle

If you follow some these tips along with the treatment, Stasis papillomatosis can be cured quickly.

  • Keeping your foot on a pillow while sleeping.
  • Legs to be elevated wherever possible. In the workplace, use footstool and while travelling also, it is better to sit in seats than standing.
  • Changes in food habits also can help in quick recovery. It is better to avoid spicy foods and prefer green leafy vegetables and fruits instead of packed (ready to eat) foods.
  • Keeping (dipping) the swelling region in lukewarm saline water for half an hour to one hour is effective. It is better to take doctor’s advice before doing this.

Fibrotic Lymphedema and Elephantiasis

Stasis papillomatosis in which lymph nodes are blocked can result in fibrotic lymphedema in most of the cases. Based on the severity of the patient’s condition, lymphedema can be categorized into four stages. They are

  • Grade 1 – The overall increase in circumference is less than 4cms and swelling observed in distal parts (toes, arms) only.
  • Grade 2 – The overall increase in the circumference is in the range of 4-6cms. Entire limb or the lower part of the legs is commonly suffered. Changes in tissues start from this stage.
  • Grade 3 – Skin alterations took place and the difference of circumference from one limb to other limb increases to 6cms or more. Erysipelas can also be observed repeatedly in patients.
  • Grade 4 – This is the last stage. The lymph channels blockage affects the whole body including head and face. The size of the effected extremities increases to the maximum extent possible. This stage is also known as Elephantiasis because of gigantic increase.

Treatment of Stasis Papillomatosis

As already told, the main cause of this disease is the irregularities in the blood flow system or blockage of lymph channels. Some effective treatment procedures are:

  • Complete decongestive therapy: Popular as CDT in the medical terminology, it uses several procedures like massages, exercises, skin care etc. in treating patients. A certified therapist gently massages the skin to improve the flow in the blocked lymph channels. This procedure is proved to be effective in case of non-fibrotic lymphedema.
  • Compression banding technique: It is very popular and proved to be effective in reducing the increased volume in case of lymphedema patients. Short bandages were preferred and they enhance the pumping action by increasing the resistance (pressure). This helps in regular flow and helps in decreasing the size of swollen areas.
  • Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy: It should be used simultaneously with complete decongestive therapy.
  • Some special exercises are proven to be effective in minimizing the swelling in lymphedema patients. A certified lymphedema therapist can surely help you in this regard.

Surgery is the last option for lymphedema patients and it offers long term solutions. It is always better to get an advice from physical therapist before opting for surgery. Some of the effective surgical procedures are listed below.

  • Lymphaticovenous Anastomosis: Popular as LVA in the medical terminology, this surgery has to be performed with utmost care. The blocked lymph channels will be connected with veins directly and this method is proved to be effective in most of the cases. Patients who got positive results with compression wrapping technique will surely benefit from this surgery.
  • Suction Assisted Lipectomy: This method is preferred in the advanced stages of lymphedema. This procedure is also popular as SAL or liposuction for lymphedema. SAL uses vibrating cannula or tourniquet and tumescent procedures for lymphedema treatment which is completely different from normal liposuction. Usage of compression garments is also recommended after surgery so that lymphedema won’t reoccur.
  • Lymphatic vessel grafting: In this surgical procedure, the affected area is bypassed and the lymphatic vessels are reconnected. When compared to other lymphedema surgical procedures, this one is rarely used. Most reliable Lymphatic vessel grafting surgical centers are in Germany.
  • Low level laser therapy: FDA approved this method in 2006 and from then, this method is being effectively used in the treatment of lymphedema patients. This procedure is proved to be effective in decreasing the volume of swollen area and fibrosis.